Jose Macias

It began with a “dried pepper”...

From a remote village in Aguascalientes, Mexico, to the hustle and bustle of Chicago, this is the story of Jose Macias’ pursuit of the American Dream.

Coming to the United States with virtually nothing in 1978 at age 33, Jose struggled to find his calling, but his work ethic, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit would eventually afford him the opportunity to open his own business. With a decade of produce experience at the renowned South Water Market in the city of Chicago, Jose recognized the need to service the underrepresented dehydrated pepper market for the Hispanic community. As such, Macias Imports was established in 1995 in a small 2nd floor rented warehouse at the South Water Market. Given the lack of funds available to him, the company began strictly as a source of dried peppers, primarily Chile Guajillo from Mexico. During the initial start-up phase, Jose was a virtual “one-man” show running everything from logistics to customer service to back office operations.

As a result of quality products, coupled with competitive pricing and the introduction of other products, Macias Imports quickly gained acceptance in the marketplace. Additionally, the rapid growth of the Hispanic population and the corresponding demand for Mexican cooking ingredients has led to tremendous growth for the company in just a few short years.

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